Laudacious Wedding Recaps- The Toss

We debated oer having a bouquet/garter toss at our wedding. Many of our friends are married and we only had a handful of single guys and gals there for the big day, but as a two time bouquet catcher myself (thank you very much) who am I to deny another their moment?

We began with a little theme music a la Sex and the City theme which faded into "Maneater" by Nelly Furtado. You know the one:

Everybody look at me, me
I walk in the door you start screaming
Come on everybody what you here for?
Move your body around like a nympho
Everybody get your necks to crack around
All you crazy people come on jump around
I want to see you all on your knees, knees
You either want to be with me, or be me!

Maneater, make you work hard

Make you spend hard
Make you want all, of her love...

I turned around to scan the crowd and see if my girls were ready and to call out any chickens hiding in their seats.

Everyone present? Check. Bridesmaids rowdy? Check. Being the smart a-- that I am, I figured my friends would expect a fakeout on the first countdown, so I decided to do some reverse psychology and toss that thing into the air on the first try.

One-two-three! And away it goes...

The rowdiest bridesmaid of them all caught it. It was the first bouquet she ever caught, and I was happy that it was mine!

Next up. Time for my groom to remove the garter. A little 007 theme music comes on (he is a HUGE James Bond fan), and he worked his way under all that tulle to reveal the surprise I had for him... Minds out of the gutter people- this was a classy affair! I'm talking about the garter. One thing J and I will never agree on is our our taste in football. He was born and raised in Cleveland and is a die hard Browns fan, while I hail from the city of the 6 time Superbowl champs. Go Stillers! I decided to marry the longstanding rivals this day and had a little Browns/Steelers toss garter made. Here it is along with my keepsake garter.

Time for the guys to line up. Not quite as many but just enough. J is an old country soul at heart, so he chose "I've Got Spurs That Jingle, Jangle, Jingle" for the garter toss. Might seem like an odd choice, but the lyrics are actually rather appropriate:

I've got spurs that jingle, jangle, jingle
As I go riding merrily along
And they sing, oh, ain't you glad you're single?
And that song ain't so very far from wrong

J gave it a quick toss over his shoulder to his cousin, Matt. Rowdy bridesmaid, Matt, J and I posed for a quick picture and that was it! We opted not to do the whole every-inch-up-the-leg-is-another-year-of-good-luck bit because I've seen that go horribly wrong at other weddings. Enough said.

Up next- Dancin' the night away.

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