Laudacious Wedding Recaps: G-L-A-M-O-R-OUS

'Twas a rainy Saturday morning, the fifteenth of November. I slowly opened my eyes, and enjoyed the last few minutes of silence and private time on the most important day of my life to date. I laid in my bed at my childhood home for a few minutes taking it all in. I could hear the sounds of breakfast being made downstairs. Having planned this very moment- the start of my wedding day- I took a book of poems and quotes about being a bride off of my bedside table and read a few of my favorites for the last time. I wanted to focus and set the tone for the day- center my thoughts before heading down the steps and into the kitchen where I knew the time would start flying by. My two year old nephew was the first to see me walking into the kitchen and he gave me a huge grin. I gave my mom a hug as she made me eggs and toast, and ate my last single girl meal. Ate my last bite of food and dashed upstairs for a shower before heading off to the salon to start getting ready. I put on my new VS Pink hoodie and comfy pants, the oh-so-special bridal shoes (wait for it) and headed out the door. Time to get glamorous! (Cue Fergie: "G-L-A-M...")

The hair appointments for me and a few of my bridesmaids started at 10:00. My mom had already left for a different salon with my grandmother and aunt, and my future mother and sisters-in-law and bridesmaid were at another salon closer to their hotel. The logistics were a lot to coordinate, but we planned ahead of time to ensure that me, eight bridesmaids, two moms, a grandmother, an aunt and a flower girl would not have to get up at the crack of dawn, and would all be comfortable and (most importantly) on schedule that day. The salon, Confetti's, was conveniently just 5 minutes from my parents' house, so my sister and I grabbed our umbrellas and dashed into the salon. We walked in to find my ever punctual bridesmaids waiting for us in the lounge. They all got a "kick" out of what was happening south of my ankles.

*All of these pics were taken by my bridesmaids so the lighting varies and they are untouched. Pro pics to come in the next post.

These were given to me at my shower by an aunt that couldn't attend- I still do not know to this day if she meant these as a joke or if she honestly thought I'd wear them with my gown. I had to indulge my friends and be the smart a$$ that I am, and decided to wear them to the salon that morning. They were hot. Here is my younger sister (and Maid of Honor). She carefully chose her attire to suit the occasion.

I relaxed in the chair, my girls popped the champagne and mixed up some mimosas, and the ever fabulous Jamie got to work on my hair. We decided it was best for me to straighten my naturally curly hair just for her to recurl it. It took a LONG time.

I have lots of hair- see? I look anxious here, but don't worry. I was fully relaxed and threw out a hand sig for my MOH who was trying to sneak a picture.

Jamie turned me around so I could see what she'd done so far.

She added a little poof at the crown of my head to headpiece a little support. The curls were loosened up a bit before the "big spray."

Then we add the veil and suddenly- I am halfway dressed and really starting to feel like a bride!

My Maid of Honor sat down and Jamie got to work on her.

Two of my bridesmaids that I've known since elementary school ...

Sister-in-law making jokes...

College roomie ...

And my high school buddy.

Looking great, ladies! Time for me to strike a final pose before heading out the door.


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