Laudacious Wedding Recaps: The Reception- Part 2

After our Maid of Honor, Best Man, and my father made their toasts to J and I, we made a point to eat some dinner. We took some time to carefully choose a menu featuring chef action stations, and I really wanted to make a point to not only see how the stations looked but to taste it all too. Here is what made it onto my plate: Sautéed Sea Scallops with Blood Orange, Garlic and Basil; Cajun Style Sauteed Shrimp; Pumpkin Gnocchi with Sage Reduction Sauce, Roasted Pork Tenderloin Filled with Sage Sausage, Boursin, Cheese and Sautéed Spinach. (Are you drooling now?)

Just after we ate dinner while some guests were still eating, I surprised J with a little slide show that I made for us. You can view it here if you'd like- use password "laudacious" if it prompts you for one.

Here we are watching it:

Just after the slideshow while we had our guests attention, our DJ played us a song that was part smooth, a little sassy, and definitely old school. To set the mood, click here and let it play in the background.
Our cake was inspired by one I had seen on the Knot awhile back and the oh-so-glam Martha damask cake. We tracked down those stencils and the on-site baker said he'd try his best. Turned out pretty well I think. I had a cake topper custom made. Aren't these little guys so cute? Bottom tier was white chiffon cake with vanilla bean and fresh strawberries. Other than the one bite that J served me, I'll have to let you know how it tastes after we nosh on the top tier next month for our first anniversary. (We'll be sampling the white chiffon with coffee and hazelnut filling).
We took the classy route and served each other a sweet little bite- we're not the smashing-of-wedding-cake-in-the-face type.
Next it was time for a spin around the dance floor. Choosing the song for our first dance was the one decision we found toughest to make together. We have a lot of songs that are special to us, but none that we labeled "our song." It was hard for each of us to narrow it down, but we both found that one song fit "us" and it was "The Luckiest" by Ben Folds. We did take some dance lessons but this song didn't lend itself to the moves we learned so we did the ole' junior high sway. Still I was lost in the moment...
My dad and I danced to "My Little Girl" by Tim McGraw. We sang to each other the whole time (even though my dad didn't know all of the words which made me laugh).
J and his mom danced to Elvis's version of "Always on My Mind."

He got a little teared up in the end- so sweet.

More reception and lots of details to come!

Next up: Bouquet and Garter Toss.

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It's the little things in life...

Yesterday there were lots of little things that made me happy. Among them:

1. Husband suggesting that we get crepes for breakfast here. I got the simplette with eggs, spinach and brie. "That must be Nigel with the brie!" (Anyone?) J got nutella and bananas in his. Pumpkin steamers to drink. YUM. Usually I have to beg him for weeks to go out to breakfast, but not yesterday. All his idea.

2. Finished a great book. A little late in the game reading it, but it was a good nonetheless.

3. Getting all of my laundry done and clean towels that smell like this.

4. Looking through the weekly Target ad and seeing this little fella among the kiddie Halloween costumes. Cracks me up. Tell me that he does not make you smile? Come on now.

Image via Tar-jay

5. Mad Men. How hot is this man?

Please note that as a result of googling this image I came across this gem. I now know how I will be spending the last hour of my work day. (Image from here).


You Tube N'At

My brother sent this to me, and as a tribute to my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA and any readers that are from the 'burgh I share it with you. Happy Monday n'at.