The Love Boat

See this boat? I LOVE it. Let me explain. First, it is important that you understand that my all time favorite band is the Dave Matthews Band. No contest. I have been a fan for many, many years and have seen them at least fifty times in concert. If my wallet and vacation time would allow that number would be higher. Over a month ago, I saw a notice in some e-mail from the band about a contest they were having. This one:

About 30 lucky DMB fans would win round trip airfare and a four day cruise to the Bahamas. The cruise ship will dock at an island where Dave Matthews Band will perform an ultra-private show for the winners of the contest. As you can imagine, I played some "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" style fast finger and clicked on the contest entry link saying a quick prayer that I would get picked as a winner.

Fast forward to yesterday. I open up my inbox to see the most glorious e-mail I've ever received. Here is the first line:

"Congratulations! You have been selected as the winner of the Big Warehouse DMB Cruise Giveaway Sweepstakes! "

Is there anything more to say than "I die?" Me:DMB cruise as Charlie Bucket:Golden ticket. I am Bahamas bound, my friends. Life is good. Check back early November for full details- praying that I finally get to meet the man behind the mic. What a dream come true...


Has it really been a MONTH since I last posted here? Time is flying. Fall is upon us, the weather is perfect, and I've been a busy woman. What have I been doing? Let's see:

- I took on a leadership position for a local young professional's organization and have been busy getting our committee's activities off to a good start.

- I have been working on my list, mostly in the professional and crafty areas. I am working on a professional project that I really can't talk much about just yet, but it's going well. Getting some solid experience and taking lots of baby steps toward the ultimate goal.

Something exciting for you all from the home front- our new couch! Check it! Doesn't it look cute with the pillows and art? I found some cute paper at Smock and framed some of it in Ribba frames from Ikea. Cute. Easy. Cheap. Love. We also got a jute area rug from World Market (not pictured), and hope to get a new coffee table, some end tables, etc. but we're waiting until we find what we like for the right price. Husband is slowly getting over the fact that household remnants of his bachelor days past are slowly disappearing. Ha! We're slowly saving our pennies to buy a new house, but little changes like this make us feel more at home in the meantime.

I'm not a photographer. Sorry for the quality.

- Last, I've been working on narrowing down the hundreds of images that we had from our wedding for our album. I sent those off to our photographer this week, and am hoping we have an album in hand for our first anniversary which is just two months away. Better get moving on a gift for J! I might put some recaps up early next week to try to finish those up two for anyone that's been following those.

That's all for now blogworld. Enjoy the weekend!