Respect the Bump

Well, here we are at just 5 days until baby is due to arrive. I am officially on disability from work now and am relaxing at home - the calm before the storm. But a happy summer thunderstorm- the kind we like. I am using the time to catch up on some organizing and little projects that I probably won't have much time for after our wee one arrives, and just reflecting on my first pregnancy so far. I really can't complain, and think I have said before that I'm one of those women that enjoys being pregnant.

J and I got some photos taken in late June to commemorate the baby bump. Not sure we'd do this for all pregnancies, but we thought we should respect the bump and get some documentation of it's presence these past few months. :) The lovely Genevieve Nisly set up our gallery for us just yesterday. Here are our favorites from the shoot:

What do you think? It is hard to believe that my belly has gotten even bigger since then! Respect the bump, people.

We had the photoshoot at our home and in the historic area of our town too. Genevieve will be coming back in the wee bean's early days to do a newborn shoot. I think it will be fun to see some very similar shots but with baby on the outside of my belly and growing up through the years in some of these same spots.

I plan to spend the rest of my time in between walks around the neighborhood just chillin', eating eggplant, pineapple and thai food and drinking some red raspberry leaf tea. Come on, Baby! It won't be long... Wish us luck for a smooth delivery!