It's the little things in life...

Yesterday there were lots of little things that made me happy. Among them:

1. Husband suggesting that we get crepes for breakfast here. I got the simplette with eggs, spinach and brie. "That must be Nigel with the brie!" (Anyone?) J got nutella and bananas in his. Pumpkin steamers to drink. YUM. Usually I have to beg him for weeks to go out to breakfast, but not yesterday. All his idea.

2. Finished a great book. A little late in the game reading it, but it was a good nonetheless.

3. Getting all of my laundry done and clean towels that smell like this.

4. Looking through the weekly Target ad and seeing this little fella among the kiddie Halloween costumes. Cracks me up. Tell me that he does not make you smile? Come on now.

Image via Tar-jay

5. Mad Men. How hot is this man?

Please note that as a result of googling this image I came across this gem. I now know how I will be spending the last hour of my work day. (Image from here).


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  1. I have to walk away from the computer. I checked out the menu for your brunch spot (Le Petit Triangle) and almost got into the car and drove to Cleveland. Steak and Boursin sandwich? OMG.