Laudacious Wedding Recaps: Moments Before the Ceremony

Where did we leave off? Ah yes, I ducked into the house after some pictures at home and waited for our sweet ride to arrive. Our photographer left us to head to the church to get some shots of the groom getting ready. The idea was for him to spend about 30 minutes getting some cool shots of the groom, groomsmen, and groom's family prior to the ceremony while we still had some daylight before the ceremony. Sometimes the best laid plans don't always work out as about 10 minutes after our photographer left, the skies really opened up and it POURED. Water was gushing down the hill in front of my parent's home, and I prayed for the rain to stop for just a minute as the trolley pulled up in front of the house. I darted out to the trolley, my bridesmaids in tow, and Captain Kirk, our trolley driver, helped my sister-in-law load two leaky styrofoam coolers of post-ceremony beverages onto the trolley. We were all in place and the trolley pulled away as "Going to the Chapel" came on the stereo system courtesy of Captain Kirk. I was so excited!

After a quick five minute drive to the church, the trolley pulled up. I watched from the trolley as the wedding coordinators making some last minute touches to our outside decorations. We got the green light to sneak into the little chapel in the rear of the church. It was so gloomy outside, but you'd never know by the light coming into the enormous stained glass windows.

In the meantime, our flowers were distributed and the coordinators pinned on all of the boutonnieres making sure everyone looked great. My handsome groom, "J", looked so calm and relaxed!

Bryan got some nice shots of J before squeezing in a few formal shots to save us time after the ceremony. The engagement pictures we had taken a few months prior were a great idea, because I think J was able to relax in front of the camera a little more- or maybe he was just excited to see his bride (wink, wink!).

J poses with his parents...

...his best man and groomsmen (note the little ring bearer in the middle of all the big guys!).

In the chapel, I was sharing a few quiet moments with my bridesmaids...

... and bossing the priest around a little.
J had to cheer him up after dealing with me. Just kidding- he had a few last minute questions for me. I was rather relaxed and ready to get the show on the road. No "bridezilla" moments for me!

Soon, the guests arrived and took their seats... through our mini programs
and it was almost time to start! Less than 8 minutes to go!
The men took their places as the string trio started to play Bach's "Air from the 3rd Suite" ...

My older brother escorted my grandmother down the aisle.

J's cousin escorted his mother down the aisle, and to the altar to light the candle.

My brother quickly went back for my mom, who also lit a candle...

The bridesmaids lined up for their cue, and my father and I took our place behind them.

And the church bells struck 4 o'clock...

Next up: Down the aisle!

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