Laudacious Wedding Recaps: Glam- Part 2

After striking a pose on my way out of the salon, I got in the car as quickly as we could. The rain was still coming down and I was fearful of frizz. Us naturally curly headed girls live in fear of it when it is the slightest bit humid. After the quick drive home, I walked up from the basement into the kitchen and saw the spread that had been laid out before me. Our super cute makeup artist, Julie Marckisotto, had arrived and was working on my grandmother. I stood around for a bit admiring her work and started to feel very excited. I had a lot of energy and did not know what to do with myself. The bridesmaids headed upstairs to put on their makeup and dresses. They found a little surprise from me- for no stones would be left unturned or details overlooked on this special day. :)The doorbell rang- our photographer had arrived. All of the little things started to sink in. I remember thinking "Oh my God! Our photographer is here. To take pictures of me! It's my wedding day!" I made sure all of the girls were decent and led him upstairs so he could get some detailed shots of my gown and accessories while Julie did her thing. Soon it was my turn for makeup. I hopped up in that director's chair and Julie did her thing.

My flower girl and future sisters-in-law arrived and all the girls hung out and munched on a few treats I gave them in their bridesmaid goody bags. My MOH and friend Carrie came to steal a peek at the work in progress. Take a look. All done! Love the lashes! Time to go upstairs and finish the transformation into a BRIDE!
Next up: Putting on the gown!

*All images by Reid Photography unless otherwise noted. If you use any of these photos, please give credit.

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