Laudacious Wedding Recaps: Pre-Ceremony Pics

Because we got married at 4 o'clock in November just a week after daylight savings time ended, we had very little time after the ceremony for pictures. I wanted to get some of our formal shots out of the way before the ceremony, but did not want to see my groom before the ceremony. We had our photographer take some bridal shots of me and some group shots with my bridesmaids, and family before heading over to the church to get some photos of my handsome groom (whose pictures you will see very soon!).

We started with a few formal, portrait style shots which I am glad we have. (I didn't choose to take bridal portraits in a separate session with our photographer- guess I never understood the point of taking those prior to the wedding day).

I love this picture because it shows off my custom headpiece (e-mail me for more info. if you'd like it). The designer had me name it for her collection. It's called "le Dauphine" in tribute to our French/Italian theme and me feeling very princessy and Marie Antoinette-ish (I got to keep my head in the end but did enjoy the cake!)

My dad joined me for some hugs and pictures before heading outside to get some more photos.

Sharing a smile with my mom.

We squeezed all eight bridesmaids onto the front porch for this shot. I think it's one of my favorites from the day.

One with our flowergirl, my groom's niece.

And a fun family shot with my parents, siblings, nephew and niece.

One more of me watching a huge rain cloud blow in...
And a quick smile before I duck inside to wait for the trolley to arrive.

It was a great memory for me getting ready with all of my friends around me. I will always have pictures of "home" from the big day...

Next up: Goin' to the chapel and meeting the groom!

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  1. Hello! A brand new subscriber here! I love your lush white bouquet!!!

  2. I love seeing how happy you were on this day! Thanks for sharing each moment. Love it!!!