A Wave of Karma

I have been in a bit of a professional and social slump lately. Not enjoying my day job one bit, and my career has gone a bit stagnant. It is easy for me to sit back and complain about it, but I have recently decided to take charge and not accept mediocrity in my life. I have to go after my own greatness as we all do. Along comes Karma. Feeling it this week. It's powerful stuff if you believe it. I'll explain:

Someone close to me is having a difficult time financially due to unemployment and some other circumstances. I wish I was in the position to help this person out, but cannot. As I tend to do my best thinking while driving, a little idea about how this person could change their luck popped into my head on the way to a meeting Monday evening. I made a mental note to talk to my friend about this idea, and two days later find out that they had received a call and set up an appointment. My idea became a reality for this person just a day later. I was very excited, but a little creeped out...

The same evening, I attended a board meeting for a relatively high-profile young professional's group. I joined this organization two or three years ago looking to meet more people, make some friends and network professionally with the hopes that #s 17 and 31 will be accomplished in the near future. I got elected to the organization's board, and at our last meeting of the year was sitting across from two or three people with whom I'd love to connect. I made a mental note to find them at our end of year reception afterwards to introduce myself, but ended up leaving because I wasn't feeling well. On the way home I got rear-ended in my brand new car. I thought I was being punished for leaving when I should have sucked it up and stayed after the meeting to socialize.

Fast forward to yesterday when I receive an e-mail from the board's co-chair inviting me to take leadership of the social committee. I will be working alongside one of the three people I wanted to meet, and will be in the former role of the other two. My co-chair works in the industry in which I'm aspiring to work, and most likely has some great networking connections for me. I can't believe my luck. Is that what it is- luck?

These little things that have been popping into my head at random are coming to fruition so quickly. I suddenly feel like I am having these strong but fleeting moments of intention, and am weirded out that my very thoughts are playing out so quickly. Feeling inspired, I revisited my list, and made notes of anything random that popped up in my head this week. I am trying to ride this wave while it lasts. To be practical and take charge of my own destiny in case the wave is coming down, I decided to strike while the iron is hot and apply for some internships, seasonal or part-time jobs that will lead me closer to my career goal. I am feeling some positive vibes and really feel it has a lot to do with the positive thoughts and prayers that I have been sending out to the universe. I'm really believing in a higher power this week, and really like what it's doing...

Have you ever had little visions like this? What did they turn into?

And because the heavy content on my dear, little blog is not to be outdone by humor and light-heartedness, I leave you with this. Hope you're having a warm and fuzzy Friday.

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