Laudacious Wedding Recaps- Dancin' the Night Away

My family isn't very shy when it comes to dancing, but we wanted to pack the dance floor at our reception. We carefully chose our "must play" list for the D.J. I think we did a retty good job of finding music to please everyone and makke guests of all ages get on up on the dance flo'. See for yourselves... Aunt and nephew shake it to some Love Shack.
Godmother and Great Aunt dance to some Sinatra...Flower girl and her younger sister take a twirl or two to the Spice Girls. (In all honesty I have no idea what song they were dancing to, but I like to imagine a little Wannabe, no?)

Things got a little crazy when my MOH and some guests decided to turn the reception into Animal House and bust out the 'gator. I had no idea this even happened- this is why you hire photographers for weddings. Worth every penny for these money shots, am I right?

A little worm action...

Took a minute to post with my besties from high school. You're all fabulous!

Oh, and of course we had a little Livin' on a Prayer. Can't you tell?
We carefully chose the last song of the night based on votes cast on our wedding website. Don't Stop Believing by Journey was the winner. J was all about it.

Our guests didn't want to go home though and we all cheered for "one more song! one more song!" and D.J. Dale obliged. Here we are gettin' low for some Blister in the Sun. Why not?

And that, my friends, is all she wrote. I will be finishing up the wedding recaps next week with a grand finale and some miscellaneous details from the wedding day- reception decor, DIY projects, etc. If you're lucky, I'll include some shots from our honeymoon to Negril too. It's almost our first anniversary, and I made a promise to myself that the wedding recaps would be done by this time! Until then...

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