Tear the Roof off the Sucker...

Or rather, put on one.

See the room over the garage? I was relieved that they remembered to add it. I kept waiting for something to go wrong. 

Full framing was soon complete and in no time the shingles and windows followed. (One was broken when it was shipped thus the big hole upstairs).

Seeing the house take it's final shape was exciting, but when I went inside the front door I was even more excited because these were in too...

With the stairs in, we had our first chance to check out the upstairs to see how the framing and room sizes shaped up. We were surprised to see that they had already installed the shower/bath combo in the main hall bathroom as well as the shower and soaking tub (that I insisted upon) for the master bathroom. I had assumed they'd be put in much later in the build. I dig the transom window above the bath here. It's the room right at the top of the steps and even though we had to pay a tad extra, I think the light it brings in will be well worth it.

I can picture my first bubble bath already. I haven't lived in a house with a suitable bubble-bath-worthy tub since before my college days! (I'm weird about taking baths in our rentals when I don't know who else has lived here. Anyone else?!)

The other excitement upstairs was how the bonus room turned out. I was standing in the corner of it looking out into the hallway where J is standing. I like the sloped ceiling as it adds a bit of character. Not sure what we'll use this for (5th bedroom, playroom for our little one on the way, etc.).

See that black thing in the closet area? It's a sweatshirt! In "Where's Waldo?" fashion J and I would look for it everytime we were in the house. It was always in a different spot and, while a little nasty, it was our own little game to play. haha

And last but not least the master bedroom. This is the view from the corner. The door to the hallway is out of view in the left corner, and I'm standing near the entrance to the master bath. See where that little bit of wall sticks out between the two windows? That was actually supposed to be where the master room ended. We had them close in what would have been a 2 story foyer. While those are gorgeous and airy, I'd rather use the space in our bedroom. Another thing I loved about being able to design our own floor plan!

So, the next time you see pictures of our house-to-be there will be walls! (I'll spare you the month or so where the only excitement was HVAC and electrical as I'm sure most of you don't really care about wired and vents). 

My goal is to get the posts up so you see the final reveal the day we're moving! Until next time...

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  1. is anyone else as excited as I am about these house updates? I love them!