The (Somewhat) Drywalls

I last left off with some photos of the final framing and the addition of our roof and windows. As promised, I'm skipping over the month or so that was spent on not so blogworthy but necessary steps in the build - the installation of our plumbing lines, electrical systems and the many inspections and meetings we had with contractors like the "low voltage guy." So, onto the fun stuff- drywall! The rooms finally take their final shape...

J peeking at the fireplace in the family room. 

Here's a view of the family room if I were standing by the fireplace looking into the kitchen. Those boxes are right about where the island will be. The door on the left is the laundry which leads to the garage. On the right you have the pantry, entry to dining room, basement door and hallway. I love the 9 foot ceilings and all of the light in this room!

Here is the foyer and the coat closet and powder room on the right wall. 

Now I'm in the dining room. Kitchen doorway is to my right.

Upstairs in the main bath we spotted some lovely lavender colored drywall. The field superintendent told us it's special mildew resistant stuff- not just for looks. 

Recognize this view? The bonus room with drywall! Won't it be cozy?!

Same room, different view. Straight ahead is the linen closet which is just outside the master bedroom. 

And to spare you any more pictures of drywall, the grand finale- we have an exterior! 

The siding came first and the stone just a few days later. I was a little upset when I saw the stonework. First, you have to take a chance on color. We ordered based on pictures we saw in a sample catalog and they can never guarantee color when it comes to stone. The grout looked weird (still wet) and the stone color looked a little off to me. I think it's the white snow on the dark gray/almost black room, and how the siding looks a little bland with no shutters. We chose black shutters to tie in some of the darker tones and grout color there. The main thing was that we spotted the first oops in the build process - they forgot to do some detail work around that center window up top (soldiering if anyone is stone-savvy). After a call to the builder, they assured us it was something that could easily be fixed- sigh of relief. 

And after this point, things slowed down a bit... It was so frigid here in Ohio in the December months that the drywall took FOREVER to dry. It caused about a two week delay, because the painters were scheduled next. Wet drywall + paint don't mix. I was getting more and more antsy in the early weeks of January but here we are... we get our keys at 9:00 AM this Friday! With just 2 days until we move into our new home, there is so much packing to do that I won't be able to do the final reveal until after the move. Don't worry - it'll be worth it! ! We are SO excited! Even Baby L. is excited and has been making his/her presence known with little somersaults and nudges this last week or two. 

Stay tuned!

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