The Packers

And no, I don't mean the Green Bay variety. We won't talk about that certain football game in which they beat a certain team... I mean J and I. The Packers. 

We've been spending all of our spare time cleaning, sorting, and packing up all of our belongings. Our place is an absolute trainwreck right now. I'll start a packing project and then poop out halfway through it. Boxes...everywhere! You don't realize how much crap you accumulate until you have to move it. Since our wedding in November, 2008, we have only unpacked about 5 wedding gifts (kitchen utensils that I didn't own and a dustbuster). We were in search of a new house and I didn't want to unpack it all just to move it a short time later. That short time ended up being over 2 years! Everything else is still piled in the closets and corners waiting for the new house- I am so excited to unpack it all b/c I probably forgot what is in all of those boxes! I really hope there is not a fire or power outage in the middle of the night, because we do not have safe exit paths established at this time. :)
To make the packing more exciting, I channeled my college days by making a mix tape playlist for the special occasion. (Am I the only one that made mix tapes just for random occasions in college?). The theme: we're moving, we're getting our own house and good riddance to the apartment and crap landlord playlist for my iPod. Highlights include:

Movin' Out- Billy Joel
Bust a Move- Young MC
Bye Bye Bye- 'N Sync
Movin' on Up- The Jeffersons theme song
Old Apartment- Bare Naked Ladies
Our House- Crosby, Stills and Nash
Hangin' Around- Counting Crows
We Gotta Get out of this Place- The Animals
Coming Home- Cinderella
I Like the Way you Move- etc. 

Quite the mix and oh so fun to dance around to. I enjoy playing certain songs loudly so as to alert my upstairs landlord of our current state of emotions. Anyone have any songs we should add?!
Until next time...

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  1. I love these "move" updates. Such an exciting time!!! Congrats you two.