My husband has lived in our current rental for about 6.5 years now. From the day he moved in this chair and it's lime green companion have been sitting out in the 3 season room (which is really only a 1 season room and/or storage closet here in Ohio).

Pretty dreadful... It was his grandmother's chair and the mismatched pair of them lived at J's mom's house for years. They were going to get rid of them right around the time that J moved into this place and he couldn't bear to part with them. He is a sentimental guy when it comes to hanging onto stuff, so I couldn't blame him for wanting to keep something around to remind him of his grandparents.

Still- and call me crazy- I couldn't quite see the orange and lime green duo fitting into the color scheme at our new house. I have had an itch to do something with these things for years now, and after being inspired by some great furniture makeovers I've seen out on the blogosphere I had high hopes to reupholster these things. When J and I started making a list of the things we'd need for the new house, we quickly realized that we were seriously lacking some seating options. Because we have a living room which is the first room you see when you walk in the front door, we needed something cute. I'm also a believer that you should fill your house with things that tell a story about who you are, and after a little persuasion J agreed that O.J. and Mr. Lime (as I've come to call them) needed a facelift. After getting some estimates (too afraid to DIY these!) and scouring the web up and down, I finally settled on this fabric.

We are debating on whether to have them reskirted or to "show a little leg" and maybe paint the legs black (or another fun color, even!). What do you think? Any suggestions for pillows to go with? I'm thinking a bright, solid color.

In a few days, O.J. and Mr. Lime will be packed on a truck and sent in for surgery. They'll leave our rental and will be coming home to a brand new house. Bonus- two less pieces of furniture for us to move since they'll be at the shop for a month or so. I can't wait to see the outcome!

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