Things to Do on a Rainy Day

The rain has come. While I have no shortage of things to do on a rainy day, the post title is actually a reference to one of my favorite episodes of what is quite possibly my all time favorite tv show- Beverly Hills, 90210. You know the one. The Color Me Badd episode. David finds out which hotel the band is staying at and Kelly, Donna and Brenda go with him to watch for them at the hotel. Donna finds her mom cheating, but is cheered up when CMB sings to her at the Peach Pit. Best show ever! Gives me flashbacks to the summer of '91. My sister and I would race home from the neighborhood swimming pool just in time to watch our beloved "9-oh." Years later while in college I would skip class to watch it. I waited for. ev. er. for this show to come out on DVD. It apparently took awhile to release it because of the music rights to the songs that appeared in the show. They ended up releasing the seasons without the original music and put some other 90's-esque music in it's place. (Side note- this is apparently the reason that "The Wonder Years" will never come out on DVD. Half of that show was the music. You just can't go changing it). Anyway, it is still my beloved 9-oh but it just isn't the same. Seriously- would this show be complete without Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game"? Or tell me you can't picture a little "I Love Your Smile" by Shanice as the camera pans in to show the gang at the Beverly Hills Beach Club?! Gotta love it. Reminisce with me.

Any 9-0 fans out there? What was your favorite episode?

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  1. 9-0 fan here! I have the series finale on VHS--and still want to watch now and again. Jack banned me from naming our kids after anyone that has been on 90210. Luckily for me, he didn't realize that Colin was Kelly's drugee boyfriend! Love the blog!