Spoiled Already

A few weeks ago, my parents threw our wee one a baby shower in Pittsburgh (my hometown). Because it is summer and we already had the frou frou bridal shower a few years ago, J and I just wanted to hang out with our friends and family and enjoy their company cookout style. We didn't want a big fuss- just a fun day for all of our friends (male and female, adult and child) to come hang out with us before the baby makes his/her debut. 

My parents worked hard for WEEKS cleaning the house, tidying up the yard, and making preparations for their third grandchild's shower. They even had some work done on the house just in time for the shower- new floors, painted half of their first floor, got a new deck, etc. It wasn't all for the shower, but we'll tell baby it was. haha

My mom set up a cute little buffet. On the menu: yummy chicken, salad, cheesy potatoes, mini sandwiches, and even eggplant rollatini from our wedding venue. Very casual and delicious!

For dessert, brightly colored cupcakes and cookies and some of that awesome jello pretzel salad- have you ever tried it? Yum. Wish I had some right now.

Decor was minimal, but we did set out a photo matte with baby's first ultrasound photo for our guests to sign and surrounded it with baby photos of J and I. 

After dinner, we opened up all of baby's gifts. 

It was nice to have J up there to help me, as my lap seems to have gotten smaller over the past few months and I was having a hard time hanging on to the bigger boxes!

Baby is already spoiled and got so many great things from our generous friends and fam!

After we opened gifts, we just hung out and enjoyed the hot summer evening. 

From left to right, my younger sister, mom, soon-to-be mommy Laudacious, and my sister-in-law
One of my lifelong friends with her husband, cutie pie baby girl and I
My besties from forever ago. Some of these girls I've known since elementary school
Of particular excitement was being able to introduce my baby bump to the baby bump of my dear friend from 3rd grade. She is expecting her third just a week before me! She is my favorite because I can call her up or e-mail her after experiencing a weird pregnancy symptom and ask "is this normal?" Everyone needs a friend like this during pregnancy. Love you, Kate!

My bump appears bigger and I think it's because she's got a good 6" of height on me and more room to spread out that belly!

Another friend from high school is about a trimester behind me. Her baby bump may not look so impressive from this shot...

so we were sure to capture it in all it's glory with an aeriel view! I am so short that my belly tucks right underneath theirs!

Baby L. did his/her best to provide entertainment and show off it's kicking skills. My nephew was checking out his soon to be cousin here...

and my niece wanted to feel "Baby Cousin" moving too.

Love these pictures and can't wait to show Baby L. someday.

Thanks to my parents, family and friends for making it a special day for us! So many people came from afar just to celebrate baby's upcoming debut, and it meant a lot to be surrounded by our loved ones as we get ready to become parents. We love them all and know that Baby L. will too!

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