Is it really November?

Why, hello there!

Last post- June 2nd, eh? Safe to say I've essentially lost any readership that I had here on this little ole' blog of mine. I was surprised I even knew my password to login/create a new post! I do have some (lame) excuses as to why I've been away so long. Here they are: started a new job, got my new car hit by a driver named Michael Jackson on my way home on the first day at that job, spent the summer traveling for new job to very non-glamorous locations, got busy with job #2, closed on a lot to build our first house, picked out a lot of stuff for said house (including sexy features like attic fans, outlet covers, and back up sump pumps), worked some more at job #2, got hit in my car AGAIN after a guy ran a red light, ate too much Halloween candy after losing 5 lbs. and here we are. November. Truth told, a new job in a cubicle is not the same as having an old job in a private office. I use to do some blogging at lunchtime, and now find myself with little leisure time for reading blogs much less writing one. And sadly, I found my creative juices a bit zapped. Job #2 and picking out every last detail for our house took a lot out of me. I have missed my little blog, though and popped in to say hello. So, if you're still out there, I'll have some updates for you soon. Have been working my way through some of the 101 in 1001 list and have made some serious efforts to to turn Job #2 into Solo job.

Hope this finds you all well.

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