Glitter in the Air

Last night, I spotted the 3D glasses that were on my coffee table from last Saturday when we saw this movie. I was watching TV and cleaning up some of the shows in our DVR at the time, and remembered that the performance of Michael Jackson's "Earth Song" on the Grammy's was in 3D! Sweet! I put on my cool Risky Business-esque 3D shades (they sadly didn't come with the cool red/blue lenses) and attempted to enjoy the show only to find that my tv is not capable of allowing me 3D viewing pleasure. I had to scratch that idea. I did watch this performance again by Pink, and I must say that it is still amazing! If you haven't already watched it, do it now! Pink has an awesome set of pipes, and does not struggle over the vocals even for a minute while being spun around in the air, dipped in water, or hung upside down. Talented performer, she is.

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