Really Cleveland?

An inch and a half of snow is all you can give me for the Christmas season? Surely, ye jest. We live about 15 houses from the Lake Erie snow machine, but on the west side of town. Normally, we get dumped on. This is last winter outside our screen door.

I am having a hard time getting in to the Christmas spirit this year, and I think it is because of the weather. I love to see the lights twinkling in the snow. Christmas movies aren't the same unless I am curled up under a blanket knowing there is snow on the ground outside. I know I shouldn't be complaining when lots of people up and down the east coast are stranded from the weather this past weekend, but can't there be a happy medium? I'm dreaming of a white Christmas!


  1. We celebrated Christmas with my parents yesterday here in CA (We're spending actual Christmas with my husband's parents in Minnesota) and took a hike in shorts! While we can't ever wish for snow here, I do wish for really crappy weather on Christmas... rain and really cold weather will do it for me! So I feel you :) I love feeling the warmth of the heater and the glow of the tree because it's so gloomy outside... it was clear and 65 degrees yesterday and I was kind of bummed about it!

  2. Cathleya- the bonus for you is that you can enjoy the nice CA weather in January, while us Clevelanders will suffer when the snow finally decides to show up. :) Happy Holidays and enjoy the trip to Minnesota!