Evan or Moxon?

I am a big fan of "So You Think You Can Dance" and was so excited to see Jeanine take the crown this year! At some point over the past few weeks, I was looking at Evan and an image of James Van Der Beek from "Varsity Blues" popped into my head. For the finale, Wade choreographed a piece for the final 4 to Lady Gaga's "Boys, Boys, Boys" and did a little football/cheerleading theme. Cute, but not really finale material IMO. The highlight though? Further confirmation that = Jonny Moxon. See for yourself... Anyone else see it?

Oh, and I couldn't let the season pass without posting this piece by Mia Michaels. Loved it!

Video from YouTube.

Can't wait for Season 6 in a few weeks!

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