I heart Google Doodles

I am easily amused, and it makes my day when Google spices things up by swapping their standard art header for something a little fancier and festive. I think my all time favorite has to be the Eric Carle "Very Hungry Caterpillar" art, just because I loved that book growing up (still do).

Image found here

When I visited Google this morning, I noticed a link to a page that featured google art from school kids across the country. Google is holding a contest for various grade levels, and you can vote for your favorite art to be featured on May 21st. How cool are these:

All images found via Google- duh.

I personally like the art where you can still plainly see the word "Google," and took the age of the children doing the illustrations into consideration before casting my vote. I love the little people holding up the hot water bottle on Mother Earth. I think that adorable little critter on the letter "e" in the garden art (top image) might sway my vote.

What about you? Any favorite Google Art?

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