So long, Tai Shan!

Last summer, J and I took a last minute road trip to soak up some sun in Bethany Beach, DE, and enjoy a few days in cities in Maryland that we've often passed through but not spent much time. We drove from Bethany to Annapolis where we spent just a few hours. I've always wanted to stop there to pay a visit to my namesake establishment, Riordan's (my maiden name). Sadly, as we found our way down the street I realized that I was too late, for Riordan's was no more. It had closed some time ago, and all that was left was the tattered old sign. I couldn't even get a t-shirt! Sniff, sniff.

We left Annapolis after a great meal at a cute little tavern next door, and headed to D.C. We've been to D.C. about three times over the past couple of years. We really love it there, and find that it is always worth a visit. So much to do! On this particular trip, we decided to hit up the National Museum of American History (which I quickly added to my 101 in 1001) and the National Zoo. It was HOT that day, and very crowded but we saw some pretty cool exhibits. This guy was trying to hide from me, but I found him.

J and I wanted to make a point to visit this (prepare thyself for a really crappy photo): And the other one outside with J.
Although the pandas were feeling a bit lazy when we were there, they were still quite the sight to see.

This morning while skimming the headlines I came across this story. Turns out that after almost 40 years, the Smithsonian will close down the panda exhibit. The time has come for the pandas to go back to China. If you read the story, you'll learn that the trainers have been teaching the pandas some sign language to ease their transition from English to Chinese. Isn't that cool?! Just something you don't think about every day. Reminded me of Rosie in "Water for Elephants." Anyway, it is sad to these the pandas go, but I am thankful to have seen them while they were here.

How about you? Did anyone else get a chance to see the pandas while they were here?


  1. Did you eat next door at McGarvey's? That is our favorite spot :)

  2. E- No way! :) I can't even remember the name. It was a tiny place tucked in the corner just a stone's throw from where Riordan's was. We really enjoyed it!

  3. OH no! I was just thinking about where we could go to see real pandas!!! Brennan would love it!

  4. I bet that was it! We live right around the corner :)